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Owl and Crow -- 1.3k~, Ace Attorney, Ema Skye/Kay Faraday

While studying to retake the forensics exam, Ema hits a snag until an unexpected visitor flies in.


Ferry Girl, Tell me a Fairy tale -- 8k~, Botan/Yukimura Keiko

When Spirit World decides Botan no longer needs a physical body, she’s granted one last day with it to say goodbye. Though masquerading as a human brought her new pains, she’s unwilling to give up everything that came with it, including one incredible girl.


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I finished my Sappho prompt table challenge for femslashficlets.  My Ao3 collection has all 20 of them plus 11 of the weekly challenges.  The newest ones are mostly Say'ri/Tiki with a Jill/Mist and Florina/Ninian.  They're just little things, but it's still nice to have a goal to work toward and finish it.  It helped that most of them I wrote with a specific person or two in mind (sometimes myself).  It took the pressure off of everything else as long as the target audience was happy.
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Cast: Yukina, Hiei, Mukuro, implied background Mukuro/Hiei, minor inclusions of Botan, Kurama, Yusuke, Natsume, dead humans, and nameless ocs
Wordcount: 27,745 (seven chapters, complete)
Summary: After her human friends die, Yukina’s life must continue. Returning to Demon World lets her puzzle out her estranged twin and his enigmatic coworker, but doing so while fighting enemies she’s scarcely trained to combat proves complicated, especially for someone who may not belong in any of the worlds.

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An Unsolvable Quiz, a little under 3k of probably aro/ace!Yukina+Kuwabara+ensemble on AO3, in which Yukina asks the YYH cast about romance and gets answers as generally unhelpful as one would expect.

I also posted a bit of Elincia/Leanne h/c to femslashficlets.
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I've posted a 2015 Art Summary Meme at my art blog and a new Palla/Minerva ficlet for femslashficlets.

Fic summary meme and new year's goals coming either tonight or in the next few days.
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Palla never shared her mother with her sisters, and now it’s too late.  Minerva understands.



Nov. 25th, 2015 05:32 am
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I just realized I never posted my [community profile] femslashex fics here! Correcting that now, since they were my main output for fall.

Main gift:
All I Have

Bodacious Space Pirates, Marika/Chiaki
2 chapters, 9060 words
High school students, space pirates, and children of legends, Marika and Chiaki already have countless roles to play. “Girlfriends” may or may not be pushing it—especially when more than one hidden feeling comes to light.

Pinch hit:
The Empress’s Pet
Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance, Tanith/Sigrun
2647 words
Sanaki adopts a lizard. The palace’s unexpected addition casts its relationships in a new light.

The gift I received was this lovely Yu Yu Hakusho art.  I was pleasantly surprised that that was what my gifter created for, as I put it on my request as a long-shot and I don't think it was what I was matched on, but I had really been craving more content of this series' girls and the result is beautiful.

This was my first AO3-based fanwork exchange, but overall I enjoyed participating.  It was fun revisiting the BSP canon so that I could write something for it, and good practice to do a multi-chapter thing.  Nabbing a favorite ship to pinch hit and getting a nice gift myself sweetened the deal.  I also got a kick out of looking through the archive after it opened.  Assuming I'm still making fannish things and femslash, I hope to participate next year, especially since a lot of fandom exchanges happen over the holidays when I don't have time to do all of them at once, so a summer/fall one is nice.
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Title: You Are My...
Fandom: Radiant Historia
Pairing: Elm/Liese
Wordcount: 3163 words
Summary: Ray is two years old when their father dies. Elm steps in to take his place as the troupe’s guard–and perhaps, as a few other things as well.

Written in February, only now finalized and posted to AO3.

Edit: I also uploaded to AO3 a series of RH gen ficlets I posted to tumblr back in January.
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I've got enough installments of this Titania/Almedha fic to want a place to point people when I link to updates, since it's a direct chronology.

Basic concept: post-canon, Almedha lacks her kingdoms, and Titania lacks those she's served.  Bonded by motherhood, they meet in an odd domestic middle.

3 and 4

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Titania/Almedha part 6

My femslashex assignment is coming along pretty well, though I can't post more about that yet obviously.
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For femslashficlets:
Say'ri/Tiki here, and the latest Titania/Almedha here.

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My femslashficlets AO3 collection has been updated.  Things I hadn't linked to here yet:

Titania/Almedha, which has 4 parts so far: 1 2 3 and 4

I want to do more for Titania/Almedha, I'm planning to sign up for femslashex, and I'm considering filling a saffic prompt.

In non-femslash related news, I fell into a nostalgia hole and I just posted a Yu Yu Hakusho oneshot about Yukina and Hiei here (it's post-canon domestic fluff).
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I uploaded all of my femslashficlets contributions so far into an AO3 collection. Right now it has 2 Say’ri/Tiki, 2 Sully/Miriel, 1 Kris/Katarina, and 3 Palla/Minerva.
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Elice suffered alone throughout most of Marth’s trials, and she has a hard time accepting that ‘baby brother’ grew up in her absence.


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One Say'ri/Tiki and two Sully/Miriel drabbles over yonder at femslashficlets.
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I wrote Say'ri/Tiki for the recent femslashficlets prompt here.
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Title: Propriety
Fandom: Fire Emblem (Archanea games)
Pairing: Palla/Minerva
Rating: PG for alcohol
Prompt: TFLN
Word Count: 980
Summary: (856): I've never been this drunk around this many toddlers
Note: Someday I'll let Minerva keep her dignity. For now, here's some post-canon fluff.

Here at femslashficlets.
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Title: Loosen
Fandom: Fire Emblem (Archanea games)
Pairing: Palla/Minerva
Rating: PG (mild PG-13?)
Prompt: Dark (for [community profile] femslashficlets )
Word Count: 336
Summary: There are things that can only be done and said in the dark.
Note: Implied spoilers for FE3/FE12

She shakes them now to prove she can )


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